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Sacramento and Roseville Uninsured Motorist Lawyer

Helping identify your options when an uninsured motorist cannot pay your injury expenses

In spite of state insurance requirements, all too many accident victims discover that the drivers responsible for their accidents carry no insurance. Even when injuries are relatively minor, uninsured motorists fail to cooperate with any requests for reimbursement. An uninsured motorist lawyer at The Davis Law Firm in Roseville can help explore your options for recovering the expenses related to your injuries.

How Roseville uninsured motorist lawyers can help

According to the California Department of Insurance data on the 24,672,633 vehicles registered in the state in 2004, 14.43 percent of owners failed to meet California insurance requirements. Accident victims who come to our offices in Roseville or Sacramento for a free consultation benefit from our experience dealing with this frustrating situation.

Uninsured motorist attorney Jeffery Davis explores all options for pursuing compensation directly from the driver liable for your accident. Even if you obtained information from an expired insurance card, he checks with the insurance company to investigate the possibility that the driver reinstated coverage. He also reviews the language in your own auto or health insurance policies to identify how to get your expenses covered without raising your rates.

We do the legwork so you can concentrate on healing

It may take significant research to find coverage during a time when you need to focus on treatment for your injuries. Uninsured motorist attorney Mr. Davis founded his firm in Roseville because he understands the pain and stress his clients experience after sustaining injuries, and he is dedicated to relieving the pressure. Whether you need help dealing with the paperwork or an advocate to represent you with the insurance companies, he has the skills, compassion and tenacity to pursue successful resolution for your claim.

Contact an experienced uninsured motorist attorney in Roseville for a free consultation

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Experienced uninsured motorist attorneys can make the difference between obtaining reimbursement and being stuck with out-of-pocket expenses for your motor vehicle accident. Mr. Davis has almost three decades of experience identifying and pursuing available options to help clients in Roseville afford the medical attention they need. For a free consultation with The Davis Law Firm, call us at 916-789-1777 or contact us online.

We operate on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees unless we successfully resolve your claim.


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